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Igloos and Beans

Despite it being 8:00am, I started it off like any other transatlantic flight - with a big breakfast and a San Miguel. An hour and a half later, I got to security to be told I was too late for the flight and I wasn't allowed through. I skidded around the airport until eventually I convinced someone to let me through, and then sprinted nearly a mile to the gate.

Sleep, white wine and randomly spaced meals interspersed my movie marathon. Of everything I watched, I'd recommend this film highly, packed with emotion, beautifully shot and a sound track to match.

 Jumping from connection to connection, nearly 24 hours of travel later I was slumped in a hostel bunk.

The next day I moved into my home for the next 6 months. A converted motel, this place is run by the American Conservation Experience. These awesome people work for 6 month stints out in mountains and deserts, creating and maintaining the trails we all use.

I got stocked up with food and beer, and crashed for the night.

The next night I managed to venture outside to actually take my first picture,  a quick meander along the road and neighboring woods.

A new day dawned, which was mostly spent gathering and preparing ingredients to concoct a chicken and leek pie for a potluck the next day. As a bunch of us milled about in the kitchen the snow started to tumble down, which I must admit made me embarrassingly excited. 

Up early the next morning, I grabbed a bike and hammered down the snow covered road, lacking any capability of stopping. I was determined to get out and grab some snowy shots for the main company I work for, Sungod

After getting thoroughly lost and cold, I found a pretty spot in the Tahoe Keys where I could isolate these big fluffy cloud-like snowflakes.

You can grab a set of these exact goggles here.

In a successful attempt to get further lost I carried on weaving my way through the keys, until I noticed this cold bird sitting under the falling snow.

Snow ploughing my way home, I was greeted by  Nyika, also overly excited and eager to goof   around in the snow. We grabbed Adam and went off exploring, finding an open meadow, which seemed as good a spot as any to start work on an igloo.

We ditched the igloo 3/4 constructed, like a Spanish building project, and ran back home to get our meals ready for the potluck.

Sadly my pie, whilst beautiful inside, was not so aesthetically pleasing. Instead, feast your eyes upon some outrageously tasty balls.

We ventured back out after dinner, after the 'cooking' wine had been drained. We chilled in the igloo, three hours slipping by as though warped by the ice walls around us.

After checking in at work, we were straight back out to the igloo. We put some finishing touches to the outside, and 4 of us huddled up inside - sipping iced tea and eating a huge bag of edamame beans.

Responsibilities were nagging away at me, so I got a couple of ski goggle shots.

Get this exact set here.

A heavy snowfall that night stopped the Conservation team from fleeing down to Santa Cruz, so what would have been a day huddled in a van was instead a 2 hour snowball fight followed by some sledding!

As sleds were by no means in abundance, the rooms were tipped upside down in attempt to find something slidey. Some of these great finds included a leather seat cushion, a kayak and a plastic crate.

Work was beckoning, so I headed over to get my ski pass and uniform. 

That's all for my first week, so here's to hoping for a ton more snow and good times to come!

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