Juneau - LightPhonics Photography


Our first destination on our cruise was Juneau. It was actually sunny which was surprising as it seems to rain in most of Alaska constantly. We got a bus to the visitor centre next to nugget falls, and then walked up to the falls – It’s a fairly short walk, and an incredible sight. I stuck on my 10 stop filter, and did some dreamy landscapes by the falls.

I climbed up the falls – which I don’t really recommend doing as it’s pretty dangerous, but it does give you quite an incredible view, and you can get right next to the fall.

We then did the walk in the woods, which is pretty long and tiring, and to be honest you can’t see a lot, but it’s a nice outing nonetheless, with some wildlife and lots of trees!

We then got the bus back to the ship; it’s quite a cool old-looking bus, and with the lighting I think it wanted this sepia treatment. I’m tending to use sepia much more lately, as something’s don’t suit a complete monochrome transition, but need some colour removing for simplification.

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