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MonkeyCanz Speaker

I was given this speaker to see how it coped with my fairly demanding travels. It exceeded my expectations hugely, making it a must have for all of my future holidays!


I am pretty particular about how I listen to my music: at home I have an 1000w speaker system comprising of 9 speakers, including two 15" subwoofers. However, obviously I can't travel anywhere with that - so I have to compromise on getting a smaller speaker.

When I first listened to the speaker, indoors in a small room, I wasn't overly impressed. The next day, I took it outside, and turned it up lots. To my surprise, the speaker performed excellently, and was actually very loud! On a still day especially, the music seemed to really travel - whilst I was working on a farm, you could hear the music from almost any where. The good thing about this is that it means you can put the speaker down somewhere, and then walk/dance around, and it will still be loud enough for a big group to hear!

In terms of quality of music, the speaker sounds great at higher volumes, and definitely better outside - I guess this is something to do with echos inside. It gives a fairly decent amount of bass too considering it's size. The sound has great clarity, and isn't tinny at all. It is certainly performing as well as anything of its size can, so obviously it isn't going to be shaking the floor with its bass, but it does deliver on the lower frequencies well.


Whilst I was working on the farm, I would throw this in the back of the quadbike, and leave it there as I mucked out the pens, getting bounced around and covered in mud. When I'd finished for the day, I'd rinse it off under the shower. This goes to show how dust and splash proof it is - it also is made of such easy to clean materials that it's no problem to wipe off dirt. Also, when I used it on the beach, it got covered in sand without affecting it at all.

Dust and sand are no problem for this speaker:

It seemed pretty splashproof, as I tested out by a lake side:

Finally, the speaker's silicone casing definitely make it quite drop resistant. I've deliberately dropped it a few times onto rocks and hard ground and it's survived, without even scratching.


Pairing a new phone with the speaker is pretty speedy, it takes about 30 seconds to search and connect to it, and once that's done it will remember it forever. Once set up, the speaker will now connect to my Samsung s5 about 2 seconds after turning on. My only peeve with this speaker would be that it shouts "Power on, Pairing" when you turn it on, which is slightly annoying. However, once it's connected, it's connection is extremely strong - I can have my phone inside my thick backpack with the speaker outside, or have my phone in my pocket 10 metres away from the speaker, and still it plays the music perfectly!

If you're using a non Bluetooth device, then stick in the provided aux cable and it will automatically play through there without having to change a mode or anything like that.

Battery life

I actually never tested this speaker's battery properly, however I know that it seemed to last a full day's work - around 6/8 hours - if it was playing at nearly max volume, and was fully charged overnight. I did have it die on me a few times, but that had been when I had forgotten to charge it up. On the website it says it has 12 hours battery life, but I think at a decent volume it's more like 10 - which is actually a very long time, and definitely long enough for any needs I could think of.


This speaker is a lovely thing to hold, it's rubber grip is soft and grippy. If you don't fancy holding it then clip it on to your backpack. It does swing around quite a lot on your backpack, so you might want to get rid of the lanyard and have the clip and ring attached directly to the speaker to stop that. The buttons are also very nice to use, and pretty easy to get used to: tap to change song, hold to adjust volume. Its size also means it fits into the side pockets of my back pack, which is very useful for long hikes!

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