Iceland Day 4

We woke up early to make the most of our last day.

It was windier than ever, so again a plateful of scrambled egg and ham was served in the jeep.

After breakfast, we went out for a walk around the frozen glacier melt. It was probably the coldest thing I've ever experienced; the wind was so strong that you had to walk with your eyes closed; and even with hundreds of layers of thermals I still  was frozen as soon as I stepped outside. The guide reckoned with wind-chill it was somewhere around -25 C.

So, we got ready to endure the cold:

The wind was washing waves from the lake onto the rocks; these waves were then freezing as they touched the land, leaving these ice patterns along the shore. As I knelt down to look at them, I noticed how the sun made them glow, so I gave it a dutch tilt and my mum photobombed.

It's not every day you see frozen waves, so I thought it deserved another picture. I also hoped the frozen line would lead you to the two people, and all that good stuff.

As we walked around, I saw that some of the shelves of ice had started to melt; and then form rows of icicles underneath. Lying down to take the shot, I realised how toasty it was once you got out of the wind, so I found a big iceberg to sit behind and waited for the rest of the Photographers to hurry up.

We went back to Jokulsarlon lagoon again, and warmed ourselves up with the Hot chocolate and rum they were dishing out. As I had already got some landscape shots I was happy with from yesterday, I decided to hunt for something different. I spotted this big flock of seals (or whatever the collective term is for that) all sunbathing on a ice shelf. I found a spot opposite them, positioned a stone in the sand to sit on, and set up.

I sat for a long time, waiting for shifts in the light, and also any movement of the seals. I noticed this line of ravens flying over the seals, so I quickly took a shot.

A while later, when my trousers had frozen to the rock I had sat on, a seal came swimming out; and momentarily popped it's head up.

Untitled photo

Once I separated myself from the rock, I continued round the lake, and found some of the other photographers from the tour. I managed to borrow a macro lens, and set about finding some interesting patterns and bubbles in the ice:

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