Iceland day 3

We woke up late, after a pretty uneasy night - the wind was gusting well over 100mph, and the huge trucks were swaying about a hell of a lot during the night. We were treated to breakfast in the jeep, as the tent that was our dining area was blown down.

After breakfast, we wrapped ourselves up more, and after I had a few disastrous attempts to piss outside, we headed on our way to the popular Jokulsarlon Ice lagoon.

When we got there, as always I was weary of not repeating other peoples pictures, as there were a lot of people there and anything obvious would have been done countless times. I opted for something different - as usual it meant getting out the 10 Stop ND filter, as I spotted that some small icebergs were drifting around, whilst others were still. This meant by using a long exposure I could show the movement of the icebergs.

I thought I was being really imaginative my getting down low and getting the reflection of this lump, but when I wandered back an hour later, one of the other Photographers was taking the same photo! So I guess great minds think alike etc

I spotted this cut out line out, leading to the people and the mountains, but to get a clean line I had to walk out onto the icebergs. I very gingerly hopped from berg to berg, and managed to take this before the people moved.

There is also a hill that looks over the lagoon, which was pretty crowded with selfie sticks and Asians in baggy chinos, but I battled my way through and got this photo, with the seemingly legless onlookers below.

We got driven to this 'Secret lagoon'  by our crazy Icelandic driver, dropping down 5 foot cliffs and over boulders with Highway to Hell blasting out on the radio. It was insanely windy, with sand blasting at our faces. I almost decided to stay in the jeep because it was too windy, but I found a sheltered spot behind a mountain.

I have been taking this little guy around everywhere I go, but often I forget to take pictures of him in the places I visit. I gave him an outing here:

I went on a search for nice lead in lines in the ice, and I was pretty successful.

We then walked over the road to the ice beach, where we were given an extensive warning about not getting too close to the water because of big waves.

I set about making ice sculptures, and also getting knee deep in water waiting for the right wave to flood around the ice.

Untitled photo
A Darker Shade of Blue

We then went back to the trucks, had some incredible lamb in the jeep, and then headed back to Jokulsarlon to catch the Northern lights.

It wasn't a very clear night, so the display was somewhat foggy. It was ridiculously cold; and I was dead after an hour, but we stayed there for a good 3 hours anyway.

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