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Is Photography Art?

This post is inspired by my father, as I have recently discovered he doesn't feel that Photography should be classed as an art.

So I'm going to post both his and my views on the topic. My dads thoughts (and he is not alone in his belief) were that "Of course photography isn't an art; anybody can take a picture - just pick up a camera and press the button. You don't need a specific skill to be a photographer, unlike a painter or other artists".

So I responded, "So you're saying you can't just pick up a paintbrush and paint and create a painting? Like a chisel, paintbrush or a pencil, a camera is just the tool that is used to create the piece. Using a camera to take a snapshot doesn't make you a photographer anymore than doodling on a piece of paper makes you an artist.

Anybody can draw, but it takes an artist to make a masterpiece; and the same applies to photographs - just because you're able to take a picture doesn't mean it's going to be good.

Just like any other art, it takes somebody with talent and experience to be able to create something incredible. That's what makes it an art.

If you look at the best pieces they fill you with emotion, leave you moved, and they have the ability to show or reveal something like no other medium."

Just like any other visual art, a photograph has to be thought out; composed, and the specific elements have to be put together. This along with the technical aspects of photography, like choosing the right shutter speed and aperture, is what requires the talent and experience.

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