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Rokono B20 Review

I was given this speaker to test out whilst I was hiking around Croatia. If you want big bass with masses of style then this is for you!


First and foremost, I was extremely impressed by this speaker's bass. The speaker has a mode where you can improve the sound ( in exchange for battery life I guess ). To my surprise, when I turned this  mode on, everything that was on my table rattled like a minor earthquake. I have never seen or heard of anything as small as this speaker produce this amount of bass, so for that it earns a big gold star from me. 

Other than it's bass, I'd say that it's also certainly loud enough, and has a great clarity. The sound travels a long way too, without being 'choppy'. So that's great news if you want to use it for a big gathering.


Crotia's weather in October is pretty volatile; one minute you can be sipping sangria at the beach and the next the heavens have opened. So having a speaker that's substantially splash proof was essential to deal with the adverse weather, as well as of course the occasional splatter by the swimming pool. The speaker held up perfectly fine to me pouring loads of water over it and leaving it out in the rain - so you don't have to worry about that!

I recently reviewed another speaker, by MonkeyCanz. This speaker had a thick rubber casing all around it, making  the speaker very resistant to drops and knocks. The Rokono B20 doesn't have this silicone casing, and therefore looks far sleeker. However this also means that it wouldn't take big drops in it's stride. This shouldn't be an issue unless you plan on playing football with the speaker - it will stand up to most of your daily bumps just fine.


The NFC capability of this speaker works extremely well - just tap a phone against the top and it will automatically pair to the speaker. This is far easier than the conventional searching and pairing method. The pairing process takes about 20 seconds which is pretty typical.

Once paired, the speaker will instantly connect to your device automatically when you turn it on. The connection strength varies considerably with the device you are playing music off. On lower/mid range phones, the device has to be about 50 cm away, and in clear view of the speaker, otherwise the music will cut in and out. Only on top of the range phones will you be able to get further away.

This to me is the only downside of this speaker, as it is nice to be able to wander around with your phone whilst playing music.

For those of you who would rather the traditional method, there is a 3.5 mm socket for an AUX cable, which works flawlessly. They even supply you with a free cable to use!

Battery Life

I was fairly impressed with this speakers battery life, even at a high volume and the enhanced sound mode on, the speaker lasted about 10 hours. That is as long as you could ever possibly need! 


The speaker is fairly grippy on the top and bottom, which makes it  nice to hold. It's long horizontal shape means it's easy to balance on things, although the downside to this is that if you rest it in grass or something similar, the sound will be muffled as it can't project above it.  There is a rubber loop on the back of the speaker which is quite a useful little handle for holding or hooking onto something.

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