Sitka - LightPhonics Photography


From some research, I knew that I wanted to go out around the harbour to take pictures of the islands. I saw what I thought was a huge breakwater from our balcony on the cruise ship, and after getting a tender ashore, we headed off in that direction. We crossed over the huge bridge, and I spotted the island I was looking for, with the two colourful houses perched on it. It was quite a dull day, but by using a 10 stop ND filter the camera picked up more of the colours.

I looked over my shoulder, and I saw our cruise ship, sitting still in the bay. The clouds and ripples in the sea provided an incredible setting, and again I used a long exposure to smooth out the sea and bring deeper tones. A problem I encountered taking pictures on the bridge was that if a car came past whilst I was taking the picture, it would shake the bridge and blur the image. This meant I had to wait for a while until the bridge was pretty much clear of traffic.

We walked along the island to what I thought was the breakwater, but it turned out to be the runway for Sitka airport, so I rapidly had to change plan. I decided I would climb down onto the rocks under the bridge, to see it all from a different perspective. I tried to position the reflection of the bridge so that it would fall around the rocks, but it meant having the cruise ship peep through.

This big old jetty grabbed my attention, along with the really vibrant seaweed on the rocks in front of it and the buildings behind, I felt it showed Sitka's old shipping history.

The rope to this island is their transport system; they have a boat and pull themselves along the rope to and from the shore. I tried to have it as a lead in line, but it was swinging around in the lot in the wind, meaning I couldn't include much of it.

We then got a taxi to Heart lake, and walked up the trail to the lake. It was terrible weather, raining almost constantly, but there was a brief break in the showers, letting me take this.

After that we walked back towards the cruise ship. It was the wettest walk of my life, but at least that meant the roads were shiny! We wimped out in the end and ended up hitching onto someone's taxi ride back to the harbour.

Whilst we were waiting in line for the tender back to the cruise ship, I saw two eagles perched on the small breakwater in the harbour. I ran over to the breakwater, and started to move along it slowly. The juvenile eagle flew away early, but the older bald eagle let me get quite close, and posed perfectly.

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