Product Photography

If you are interested in me producing a large set of Lifestyle Product Photography for your company, then please Contact me, so that we can discuss your exact requirements.


They also make customizable ski goggles! I spent six months photographing these goggles out in the mountains of Tahoe.

Rokono Speakers

Rokono make portable speakers with awesome sound quality. Again I was given free reign as to what to produce with imagery. The main selling point of one of the speakers I was given was it's waterproofing and durability, so to show this off I set the speaker in some rugged landscapes and showed it being splashed with water.

Thrive Snowboards

Ethnotek Backpacks

I was given a brief to produce playful, aspirational photos with a travel/backpacker vibe.

Previous Clients:

Osprey Longboards

Osprey are a well established Skate and Surf company. I was not given a brief as to what to create, so I decided I would produce some pioneering and experimental images to showcase their boards in the most enticing way possible. Some of these innovative photographs include skating through sparks of steel wool and light painting.

BluePrint Eyewear

BluePrint are a growing Eyewear company based out of Amsterdam. This winter, they launched a kickstarter campaign to start selling ski goggles. The key selling point of these goggles is the incredible ease with which you can change lens to suit the light, or your outfit - an easy click in and out with the magnets built into the lens.

Therefore I made sure to get some images showing the lenses being switched, as well as pictures displaying different lenses in different conditions.

I worked with Blueprint again, producing product photos around Berlin. 


SoulPoles make eco-friendly, hand built ski poles from bamboo. I got a variety of images to show the unique texture of the bamboo, pictures inside the workshop to capture the hand-made aspect, as well as a couple of pictures of the poles in action to show their performance.

Zionor Goggles

Zionor are another rapidly growing business, who hooked me up with some goggles to shoot whilst I was in Park City, Utah, and again out in California.

Clear Eyes Clothing

Clear Eyes Collective are a clothing brand from Canada. Their look is matted, muted colour images. They sponsored a skater, so I worked alongside him to produce some fresh, urban photos.

MonkeyCanz Speakers

MonkeyCanz make drop-proof and waterproof speakers, designed for rough and ready travel. I produced images to promote this about the product.

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